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What is senecio? There are more than 1,000 varieties of senecio plants, and about 100 are succulents. These tough, interesting plants may be trailing, spreading groundcovers or large shrubby plants. Let’s learn more about growing senecio plants, along with some important caveats. Senecio Plant Info While senecio succulents grow outdoors in warm climates, they are popular indoor plants in areas with cool winters. Senecio succulents are often grown in hanging baskets with the fleshy leaves trailing over the sides. Popular varieties of senecio succulents include string of pearls and string of bananas. Some varieties of senecio that typically grow wild are known by names such as groundsel or tansy ragwort. Some types of senecio produce yellow, sunflower-like blooms. Less commonly, senecio may produce purple or white flowers. Leaves may be deep green, bluish-green or variegated. Note: Senecio plants are toxic. Outdoors, the plant is especially problematic for livestock, as ingestion

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