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Hugelkulture isn’t the only way to use logs and stumps. A stumpery provides interest, habitat and a low maintenance landscape that is appealing to nature lovers. What is a stumpery? A stumpery garden is a permanent feature which, when constructed properly, will resemble the fallen logs, moss and lichen and ferns of a wild rainforest. There are big and small stumpery ideas. You don’t have to have a lot of land to make a smaller stumpery and watch the wildlife come while you enjoy the natural appeal of this feature. What is a Stumpery? Stumperies take advantage of the ease with which downed trees shelter animals and provide nutrition for new plants. The appeal is also visual, with a finished stumpery garden appearing to blend into surrounding woodlands. Making this type of garden area takes a little time and patience for everything to settle and take root, but well worth

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