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Plants have numerous methods of self-propagation, from sexual seed reproduction to asexual reproduction methods like producing offshoots, known as pups. As plants reproduce and naturalize in the landscape, it can be difficult to distinguish between different garden varieties and weeds. There are a few simple ways to identify a plant pup, though. What is a plant pup? Continue reading for that answer and tips on plant pup identification. What is a Plant Pup? Plant pups may also be referred to as offshoots, sister plants or even suckers. Though “suckers” can have a negative connotation, plants do have very good reasons for producing these offshoots. Plants that are dying back from illness or old age will sometimes produce new plant pups from their root structures in an attempt to carry on their legacy. For example, bromeliads tend to be short-lived plants which die back after only flowering once. Yet, as the

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