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What are digger bees? Also known as ground bees, digger bees are solitary bees that nest underground. The United States is home to approximately 70 species of digger bees, primarily in the western states. Around the world, there are an estimated 400 species of these interesting creatures. So, what’s the dirt on bees that dig? Read on and learn about identifying digger bees. Digger Bee Information: Facts on Bees in the Ground Female adult digger bees live underground, where they build a nest about 6 inches (15 cm.) deep. Within the nest, they prepare a chamber with plenty of pollen and nectar to sustain the larvae. Male digger bees don’t help with this project. Instead, their job is to tunnel to the surface of the soil before the females emerge in spring. They spend their time flying around, waiting to create the next generation of digger bees. You may notice

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