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There is no denying that sunflowers are a summertime favorite. Excellent for beginner growers, sunflowers are loved by children and adults alike. Homegrown sunflowers are a veritable haven for pollinators in search of rich nectar. While some gardeners may cut the blooms for use in a vase, others who let the plants mature are rewarded with an abundance of seeds. Regardless of the rationale behind growing these beautiful plants, there is no doubt that planting sunflowers is an asset to many gardeners. However, there is one thing that many do not know – sunflower weed control can be used in the garden. But how can sunflowers stop weeds from sprouting? Let’s find out. Do Sunflowers Limit Weeds? While sunflowers are commonplace in the garden, one interesting and frequently overlooked aspect of these plants is that they are allelopathic. Weeds and sunflowers, as with any other plant in the garden, are always

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