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Fans of caraway seed muffins know all about the seed’s heavenly aroma and slightly licorice flavor. You can grow and harvest your own seed to use in the spice cupboard, but first you need to choose the varieties of caraway that will perform best in your garden. There are approximately 30 caraway plant species, mostly native to Asia and Mediterranean regions. Caraway plant varieties are used across the globe, but they are usually classed by region and growth habit.  Different Kinds of Caraway Caraway has been used in food and as a medicine for centuries. The commonly cultivated variety has several cultivars but most remain unnamed. It is best to group the different kinds of caraway by their growth pattern, either annual or biennial. Technically, there are no listed named varieties. Annual caraway requires a longer growing season, while biennial types of caraway are grown in cooler regions. Biennial Caraway

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