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Joseph’s coat amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor), also known as tricolor amaranth, is a pretty annual that grows quickly and provides brilliant color. The foliage is the star here, and this plant makes a great border or edging. It also grows well and looks stunning when put in as mass plantings. Tricolor amaranth care is easy, and it makes a great addition to many gardens. What is Joseph’s Coat Amaranth? Common names for this plant include Joseph’s coat or tricolor amaranth, fountain plant, and summer poinsettia. It grows as an annual from spring to fall and thrives in most USDA zones. You can grow tricolor amaranth in beds or in containers. The leaves are what make Joseph’s coat spectacular and appealing to gardeners. They start out green and grow to three to six inches (7.6 to 15 cm.) long and two to four inches (5 to 10 cm.) wide. The green leaves

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