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For many home gardeners, nothing is more frustrating than crop loss due to unknown causes. While vigilant growers can closely monitor insect pressure in the garden which may cause diminished yields, losses due to unseen circumstances can be more difficult to diagnose. Gaining a better understanding of soil borne organisms and pathogens can help growers develop a thorough grasp of soil and garden health.  What are Soil Borne Pathogens? All soil ecosystems contain various soil borne organisms. It is not until these organisms in the soil are able to infect plants via suitable conditions or susceptibility that they begin to cause issues for garden crops. Pathogens are organisms in the soil that cause problems or disease. Diseases caused by soil borne pathogens can impact plants in a variety of ways. While pre-emergent pathogens can cause damping off or failure of seedlings to thrive, other organisms in the soil may cause

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