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Lemon trees produce marvelous fruit that is equally at home in sweet and savory recipes. The perfect juicy lemon can be the one simple ingredient that puts the “wow” factor into a dish, but what happens if your lemons have gone soft? Lemons may get soft before they are ripe – be it soft lemons on a tree or soft lemon fruit that occurs during storage. Of course, the question you may be asking is “Why are my lemons soft?” Why are My Lemons Soft? Understanding why you may have soft lemons means understanding how lemons ripen. Here’s the thing, lemons may be bright yellow before they are ready to eat or they may still be green but perfectly juicy and citrusy inside. This, of course, means that the ripeness of lemons isn’t easy to decipher based on color alone. While size is somewhat of an indicator, the best way

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