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Indoor tropical plants add an exotic and lush feel to the home. Red-veined prayer plants (Maranta leuconeura “Erythroneura”) also have another neat attribute, moving leaves! Caring for a red prayer plant requires very specific atmospheric and cultural conditions for optimal health. The Maranta red prayer plant is a fussy little specimen that will not shrink from letting you know it’s every need. Keep reading for red prayer plant care and tips on solving problems. About Red-Veined Prayer Plants A tropical plant native to Brazil, red prayer plant is a popular and attractive houseplant. Its scientific name is Marantha and the variety is ‘Erythroneura,’ which means red veins in Latin. The red veins are in a herringbone pattern, giving rise to another of the plant’s names, – herringbone plant. In warm climates, it forms a ground cover while in cooler regions it is best used as a hanging indoor plant. The

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