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Leaf roll is a well-documented symptom of several viruses and diseases. But what causes physiological leaf curl on tomatoes that are not diseased? This physical anomaly has several causes, mostly cultural. Is tomato physiological leaf roll dangerous? The curiosity has not been shown to reduce yields or plant health but seems to concern gardeners nonetheless. Read on for tips on preventing physiological leaf roll on tomatoes. Recognizing Physiological Leaf Roll in Tomato Plants Curled tomato leaves can be caused by factors like disease, environmental changes, and even herbicide drift. In healthy plants, the causes of physiological leaf roll in tomato can be difficult to uncover. This is because the effect may be caused by one situation or the result of several, and nature has a place in the occurrence. This can make uncovering the reason a bit tricky. Seemingly healthy tomato leaves will curl or roll at the center, producing

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