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For many homeowners and professional landscapers, lilies make an excellent addition to ornamental flower beds and borders. Blooming for only a short period, these large, showy flowers serve as a stunning focal point in plantings. This, combined with their easy growth habit, make flowering lilies a popular choice with beginning gardeners. While common lily types, such as Asiatic and oriental, are easy to find online and in plant nurseries, more rare families of these plants may be difficult to locate – like the alpine lily, which is especially prized by devout flower growers. About Nomocharis Bulbs While very similar in bulb and flowering appearance, alpine lilies (Nomocharis) are not technically in the lily (Lilium) family. Native to regions of Northern India, China, and Burma, these ornamental plants produce flowers that range in color from light pink to pink-purple. Depending upon the variety, these blooms may also exhibit unique dark purple-spotted

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