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Manfreda is a member of a group of approximately 28 species and is also in the asparagus family. Manfreda succulents are native to the southwestern U.S., Mexico and Central America. These little plants prefer arid, drought riddled locations with low nutrients and plenty of sun. They are easy to grow and thrive on neglect. Read on for further Manfreda plant info. Manfreda Plant Info Succulent lovers will adore Manfreda plants. They have an interesting form and unique foliage that makes for a great houseplant or outdoor plant in hot, dry areas. Some of the species even have quite spectacular flowers. Good drainage is essential for these succulents, but minimal care is required. Some growers refer to these plants as false agave due to their rosette form and thick, succulent leaves with gentle serration along the edges, which do, in fact, resemble agave plants. The leaves sprout from a short, bulbous

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