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If you love pears but have never grown an Asian variety, try the Kosui pear tree. Growing Kosui pears is much like growing any European pear variety, so don’t be afraid to give it a go. You’ll love the crisper texture of these Asian pears coupled with a sweet taste and versatility in the kitchen. What is a Kosui Asian Pear? It’s important to get some Kosui Asian pear information before you decide to grow this variety, especially if your experience with Asian varieties is limited. Asian pears like Kosui are true pears, but in many ways the fruits are more like apples. They are typically round—some are indeed pear-shaped— and have a crisper texture than European pears. Kosui pears are small to medium in size and rounded like an apple but with a little bit of flattening like a Clementine orange. The tender skin is brown with a gold

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