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Jungalow, a word created by combining jungle and bungalow, describes a decorating style that has recently gained in popularity. The jungalow style focuses on comfort and coziness with a bold expression of color. Plants are a big part of the jungalow design. This makes creating indoor jungalows the ideal project for gardeners wishing to add expressions of their hobby to their home decorating style. What is a Jungalow? The term “jungalow” was conceived by Justina Blakeney, an award-winning author, designer, artist and mother. Her jungalow blog offers inspirational ideas and wares for creating that special home interior look. Jungalow design includes bright colors and bold botanical prints, layered textiles, worldly accent pieces as well as unique, thrifty finds and lots of plants. Lots and lots of plants! The key to creating the jungalow style is by incorporating aspects of your own personality and travels. Accent these with wood grains, baskets,

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