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A large, beautiful tree with showy white blossoms, the horse chestnut is often used as a landscape specimen or to line streets in residential neighborhoods. The pristine canopy is perfect for providing shade and the spring blooms are a welcome sign of the new season. Aesculus hippocastanum is native to parts of Europe but grows now in most areas of North America. In spite of its attractiveness, though, problems with horse chestnut can and do occur. What’s Wrong with My Horse Chestnut Tree? As with all trees, there is always a chance of pest infestation and disease infection. These trees are popular but have recently experienced serious health problems from the horse chestnut leaf miner and bacterial bleeding canker. How can we avoid horse chestnut problems like this in our trees? Here are some tips for identification of horse chestnut issues and how to avoid the problems. Horse Chestnut Leaf

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