Ideas To Install Backyard Lights

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Backyard lights are attractive addition to many homes. It usually consists of low voltage components, placed in the model and to the extent that you prefer it. These low voltage components are connected to and powered by the electrical system of the home with the help of a transformer, which reduces the power of the current to the necessary level. Low-voltage outdoor lighting components are water resistant, and the amount of energy they use makes them harmless. The lighting installation process of your own backyard requires a little electrical skill and some basic DIY tools.

Draw a plan for backyard lights according to the areas you want to light up and the most direct route of the cables. Remember to take into account that you need a place to install each device, the wiring it requires and a transformer to power the entire installation. Calculate the transformer size you need by adding the power requirements for each light you are going to install and then add 25 percent.

Install your backyard lights transformer first. The transformer operates on a standard of 120 volts of energy, as provided by the household electrical system. Install the transformer in a place outside the house, where it will be out of sight, but easily accessible and convenient for the operation of low voltage cables. Each make and model of the transformer will have specific installation and connection instructions that are included with the packaging.

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