How To Design Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget

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Designing small backyard ideas on a budget space for low maintenance is important for busy people. There are various ways of installing materials in a backyard that reduces grass cutting time. If a backyard is very small, decorative stones and gravel can be used to cover the space quite nicely. Plants in containers or small trees planted in large wooden boxes can soften the appearance. The cost of installing gravel or rocks in a lawn space can be quite high from the start, but ordering gravel from truck helps keep this project much cheaper.


Measure small backyard ideas space for landscape dimensions. Sketch a walkway from the driveway, if any, to the back door area. Begin the design by defining the walkway space first. Plan to add pressure-treated discs along the walk to create boundaries. Use white stones or crushed bricks to fill the walkway area. Add springboards full length walkway on top of gravel or brick. Create a gravel surface next to the house. Plan to install black plastic over the dirt to keep weeds away. Cover a seat about 10 feet wide around the back of the home.

Add crushed gravel or small white stones to create space to emphasize the house. Small backyard on a budget with planning to install concrete planters or wooden planters filled with shrubbery or dwarf evergreens was 8 or 10 feet along the back of the house. Plan on mulching all the main section of the lawn, to create contrast. Use red-colored compost available from landscape contractors. Spread compost 6 inches deep over black plastic. Place groupings of planting plants in containers in the middle of in flake areas. Include parts of concrete, such as benches or a fountain.

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