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If you have a plant with yellow veins on the leaves, you might be wondering why on earth the veins are turning yellow. Plants use the sun to make chlorophyll, the stuff they feed on and responsible for the green color of their foliage. Paling or yellowing of the leaf is a sign of mild chlorosis; but if you see that your normally green leaves have yellow veins, there might be a larger problem. About Yellow Veins on Leaves When a plant’s foliage creates insufficient chlorophyll, the leaves become pale or begin to yellow. When the leaves remain green and only the veins are turning yellow, the term is called veinal chlorosis. Interveinal chlorosis is different than veinal chlorosis. In interveinal chlorosis, the area surrounding the leaf veins becomes yellow in color while in veinal chlorosis, the veins themselves yellow. Along with this major difference, the causes of chlorosis differ.

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