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Repurposing wooden crates into rustic looking flower and vegetable planters can add depth to any garden design. Wooden box planters can be made out of a garage sale crate, a craft store slatted box container, or can be homemade from scrap wood or a discarded pallet. Container gardening in a crate is a creative and fun way to add plants to any location, from the patio, deck, or front porch to creative indoor displays. Read on for more info on growing plants in wooden crates. Planting in a Slatted Box Container Growing plants in a wooden crate is easy. Line the crate. Select a sturdy, well-made crate with slats less than two inches (5 cm.) apart. Line the crate with plastic, landscape fabric, coir, or burlap to contain the soil. If necessary, drill holes in the crate and poke holes in the liner to provide adequate drainage. Fill the crate

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