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(with Laura Miller) Hostas are popular shade-loving perennials cultivated by gardeners for their easy care and sustainability in a variety of garden soils. Hosta are easily recognized by their multitude of attractive foliage and upright flower stems, which bear lavender blooms during summer months. Should you use fertilizer for hosta plants? These beautiful, low-maintenance plants don’t need much fertilizer, but feeding hostas may be a good idea if your soil is poor or if your hosta isn’t growing and thriving as it should. Knowing how and when to feed hosta can improve their appearance in the garden and help them reach their mature height. Read on to learn more. Choosing a Fertilizer for Hostas Hostas prefer a garden soil rich in organic matter. Prior to planting hosta, amend the natural soil with compost made from animal manures and leaves. Hosta roots tend to spread horizontally, rather than vertically. Working compost […]

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