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Noted for its unique appearance, the naranjilla plant is a medium sized herbaceous shrub native to South America. Growers choose to plant naranjilla for a variety of reasons, including for harvest of the fruit, as well as for the visual appeal offered by its highly attention-grabbing leaves. While the plant’s thorns and spines may make harvesting the fruit difficult, it is truly a unique garden specimen – and one with specific nutritional needs. Read on for tips on how to feed naranjilla. Naranjilla Fertilizer Needs Naranjilla plants are an excellent addition to the home garden for those who grow in subtropical regions, as well as anyone wishing to add new and lesser known plants to their collections. Whether grown in the ground or cultivated in containers, naranjilla plants do have some special requirements in which to truly thrive. Among these, most importantly, is the specific needs when it comes to

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