Fecon upgrades Stumpex

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LEBANON, Ohio – Fecon has upgraded their Stumpex auger-type stump grinder to include a 2-Speed hydraulic motor for faster stump removal, especially on soft woods. 

Designed to maximize 100% of machine output, the Stumpex 2-Speed improves cut time by up to 50%, removing 24-inch stumps in less than three minutes.  In addition to faster stump processing, the new model reduces wear on blades and cones, allowing longer service life and extending the intervals between blade sharpening. It is ideal for skid-steer loaders and compact tracked loaders with 60+ horsepower.  Carriers with lower flow will achieve increased cutting time compared to fixed displacement motors.  Easily transported in a pickup truck, Stumpex 2-Speed stump grinders are ideal for arborists, landscapers, land improvement companies, parks and recreation departments, golf courses, municipalities and wherever safe, efficient stump removal is desired. 

With no chips or debris strewn about, the low-speed high-torque auger-type technology is the safest method of stump removal. Very little maintenance is required.

Established in 1992 near Cincinnati, Fecon manufactures the Bull Hog – a forestry mulcher. They also manufacture tracked carriers and tractors, as well as a full range of attachments and other equipment for vegetation management. Their products are sold through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide.  For more information on Fecon products, visit www.Fecon.com.


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