Fahey Group acquires robotic mowing company Robin Autopilot

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CLEVELAND – Fahey Group, a Cleveland-based group led by entrepreneur Logan Fahey, has acquired Robin Autopilot, a manufacturer of robotic mowers for the U.S. market.

Robin Autopilot offers robotic mowers on a subscription-based service that are battery-powered, programmable and energy- and cost-efficient. They can be used daily to keep a lawn trimmed to a precise length. The automated mowers may also offer cost savings for landscape service providers who are challenged by a lack of available workforce in many markets.

Founded in 2015 by Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont, Robin Autopilot operates through 15 franchisees in 12 states and has more than 1,000 customers with robotic mowers in use. Landmark Automation, a Fahey Group company, owns and operates the franchises in Cleveland and Tampa, Florida. Cleveland now has more than 150 active robotic mowers and another 50 pre-sold.

Following the acquisition, Robin Autopilot will move its headquarters from Dallas to Cleveland, and it will be supported by 12-plus employees as the company focuses on growth, Fahey says.. It also will continue its partnership with Cleveland-based MTD Products, a producer of outdoor power equipment. MTD produces the robotic mowers and is an original investor in Robin Autopilot. 

“Headquartering the company in Cleveland where both Fahey Group and MTD are located can help streamline our service and deployment collaboration as we continue to expand the business and bring this technology to new markets,” said Logan Fahey, who will become CEO. “In addition to our strong management team, the deal is backed by investors, including Garrett Baker, who is a current franchisee in Lubbock, Texas who have scaled similar businesses and believe robotic mowing represents the future of landscaping services.”

Robin Autopilot co-founders Crandall and Lomont will continue to support the management team during the transition and will stay on as advisors. “We are fortunate to have found an investor who is as enthusiastic about the business as Logan Fahey is,” Crandall said. “His long-term vision for the company matches our belief in the exciting future of robotic mowing. Logan and his team are committed to expanding the model and supporting our franchisees.”

As part of its plans for the future expansion of the business, Fahey said the company will be focused on continuing to grow in both the consumer and commercial-grade robotics sectors.

“This will include commercial-grade products and services that will help corporations switch to an environmentally friendly and automated service,” Fahey said. “We will also work with commercial landscapers to provide fleets of robotic mowers that will help them become more cost-and energy-efficient.”


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