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An arbor is a tall structure for the garden that adds visual appeal and serves a purpose. Most often, these arbors are used as plant trellises, but they can also serve as interesting focal points. When it comes to the addition of a garden arbor, designs to create enjoyable greens spaces abound. Creating Garden Arbor Designs Garden arbor ideas are limitless, and can serve a multitude of purposes within the home landscape. While some arbors may be purely decorative, others can be used to create a welcoming seating area. Regardless of its beauty and usefulness, many gardeners are hesitant to add these structures into their yards. For growers who are more budget savvy, the cost to purchase and install garden arbors can be quite expensive. Luckily, for adventurous homeowners, the internet is filled with tutorials and instructional posts regarding how to build your own DIY arbor. While more ornate garden

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