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Monoculture planting in pots is not new in gardening. It refers to using the same type of plants, say succulents, in one container. But now there is a new, fun trend. Garden designers are using plants of similar color and texture to produce larger-scale arrangements of containers to make a striking statement. Any home gardener can get in on the trend with just a few or several pots. What is Container Monoculture Design? Gardeners generally shy away from monoculture. It’s not considered good practice because putting the same types of plants in the same space encourages the accumulation of pests and disease particular to those plants. The difference between that traditional idea of monoculture and monoculture container groupings is that with containers you can more easily swap out diseased plants. You can also disinfect and change out pots to prevent the spread of a disease. Additionally, the new trend in

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