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Its name may sound nice and its flower spikes attractive, but beware! Velvetgrass is a native plant of Europe but has colonized much of the western United States. As an invasive species, getting rid of velvetgrass will help encourage native grasses and prevent it from spreading. Velvetgrass is a common weed in lawns, ditches, disturbed soil, and even cropland. Keep reading for some tips on velvetgrass control. What are Velvetgrass Weeds? Velvetgrass is great at stabilizing soil, but because it isn’t native to North America, other indigenous grasses should be established. That means eradicating velvetgrass weeds wherever they are found. If it is allowed to persist, it will spread rapidly, inhibiting the growth of tree seedlings and native plants. Common velvetgrass (Holcus lanatus) is a tufted perennial grass. The foliage is grayish green and the stems are slightly flattened.  Both stems and leaves are lightly hairy. It flowers from spring

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