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For many gardeners, one of the most rewarding aspects of growing flowers is the process of seeking out more rare and interesting plant varieties. Although more common flowers are just as beautiful, growers who wish to establish impressive plant collections delight in the growth of more unique, difficult-to-find bulbs and perennials. Romulea, for example, can be a highly prized addition to spring and summer flowering gardens. Romulea Iris Info Romulea flowers are members of the Iris (Iridaceae) family. And although they may be members of the family and commonly referred to as an iris, the flowers of Romulea plants resemble that of crocus blooms. Coming in a wide range of colors, these small flowers bloom very low to the ground. Due to their bloom habit, Romulea flowers look beautiful when planted together in large masses. How to Grow a Romulea Iris Like many lesser known flowers, locating Romulea plants may

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