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When you think about soil, your eyes probably drift down. Soil belongs in the ground, underfoot, right? Not necessarily. There’s a whole different class of soil that exists high above your head, up in the treetops. They’re called canopy soils, and they’re an odd but essential part of the forest ecosystem. Keep reading to learn more canopy soil info. What are Canopy Soils? A canopy is the name given to the space made up of the collected treetops in a dense forest. These canopies are home to some of the greatest biodiversity on earth, but they are also some of the least studied. While some elements of these canopies remain a mystery, there is one we’re actively learning more about: soil in trees that develops far above the ground. Canopy soil isn’t found everywhere, but it has been documented in forests in North, Central, and South America, East Asia, and

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