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You may or may not be aware of how beer can be used in the garden, and the title of this article may induce shudders of revulsion in teetotalers and cringes of dismay in beer aficionados; nonetheless, the questions stands. Can you compost beer? Maybe a better question is should you compost beer? Does beer in compost add anything to the pile? Turns out that composting leftover beer has a few surprising advantages. Read on to learn more. Can Beer Be Composted? Those new to composting may have some trepidation introducing anything “out of the norm” to the compost pile. It is true that a compost pile requires a delicate balance between carbon and nitrogen, moisture, and sufficient aeration in order to create enough heat to break down. Too much or too little of one thing can disrupt the balance, leading to a wet, stinky pile or a dry one

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