California registers Precision Laboratories' Border 2.0 spray

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WAUKEGAN, Ill. – Precision Laboratories says professional turf and ornamental applicators in California can now improve the effectiveness of their spray applications while stewarding the environment.

Border 2.0 helps ensure that more of the spray solution reaches its target and is retained on the leaf surface.

“We are excited to introduce Border 2.0 into the California market because it allows spray applicators to achieve a high-level of spray efficacy by helping them control their spray droplets,” says Justin Olmstead, turf product manager at Precision.

Border 2.0 has been used since 2016 and is a concentrated liquid adjuvant for spray droplet management. It enhances the performance of spray applications by modifying the physical characteristics of the spray droplet, improving droplet retention while reducing off-target movement. It also maximizes droplet coverage and performs well with a wide range of nozzles and chemistries.

Border 2.0 is an integral part of the Total Spray Droplet Management (TSDM) portfolio of products that improve the safety and efficacy of spray applications.]]>

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