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A member of the citrus family, buddha’s hand produces an interesting oddity of a fruit. While the pulp is edible when extracted, the primary appeal of the fruit is the fragrance. The powerful and pleasant smell adds an unusual, citrusy scent to the holiday dining area or wherever you might choose to locate it. Also called fingered citron, buddha’s hand is often candied and used in desserts or a sweet trail mix. Zest from the rind is a favorite of some chefs. The fruit is shaped like a hand with fingers, in most cases. The hand may be open or closed into a fist. Aside from those great reasons to grow the plant, this tree displays beautiful, showy blooms. But sometimes, for growers, you may experience buddha’s hand dropping flowers. Let’s see how to best go about avoiding buddha’s hand losing flowers. How to Avoid No Flowers on Buddha’s Hand

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