Backyard Putting Green: Extremely Suitable For Golfing

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A backyard putting green in the garden? Golf is a popular sport and more and more people are asking for our own putting green for golf in the garden. Due to the intensive maintenance, natural grass is not an option. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is extremely suitable for golfing. You can practice undisturbed golf every day in the garden.

Backyard putting green artificial is suitable as a chipping surface for the short game and as a putting green. A specially developed shock pad that is placed under the turf ensures that the golf ball that lands on the putting green from a distance reacts as if it were on a natural surface. All types of artificial turf are installed in private gardens, but also on professional golf courses and midget golf courses.

Maintenance such as mowing, spraying or fertilizing is no longer necessary. Wave grass varieties with a long lifespan, where sun, wind, rain, snow or ice have virtually no influence on the quality. For real golf lovers, a private putting green of backyard putting green is an ideal way to work on the handicap. Artificial turf is applicable in every garden, requires hardly any maintenance and has excellent wave characteristics.

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