Amaryllis Has Leaf Scorch – Controlling Red Blotch Of Amaryllis Plants

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One of the most important aspects of amaryllis plants is the bloom. Depending upon the size of the flower bulb, amaryllis plants are known to produce magnificent clusters of large flowers. Amaryllis red blotch is one of the most common causes of failure of the plant to bloom. Find out what to do about it here. What is Amaryllis Red Blotch? Most commonly known for their potted plant culture during the holiday season, amaryllis is a beautiful tropical plant that thrives in warm climate flower beds. While the process of forcing these bulbs indoors in pots is extremely popular, growers living in USDA growing zones 9-11 can enjoy these plants outdoors with little care or maintenance. These flowers are relatively easy to grow; however, there are some issues that cause less than desirable outcomes, like red blotch of amaryllis. Amaryllis red blotch, also known as amaryllis leaf scorch, is a

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